Welcome to the John T Reid Charitable Trusts

The John T Reid Charitable Trusts are a national funding organisation with a wide ranging commitment to philanthropy around Australia. The Trustees are proud of a track record of generous giving for over fifty years, being responsive to community need and supportive to key issues.

We believe that good philanthropy results from developing relationships with people. Trustees play an important role in meeting with applicants to determine the full extent of the project for funding. This hands-on approach enables practical, creative and responsive giving.


Our application process is in two stages

  • Enquiries
  • Submissions

Initially, we ask all applicants to complete an enquiry form. To see if you are eligible to receive an enquiry form, please Contact Us.

Enquiries are considered by Trustees, who will decide on whether to obtain a full submission

Important Dates

We are currently closed for new funding enquiries.

For those organisations who have already been sent an enquiry form to complete, ensure you return it by the due date. The next enquiry round will be opening in July 2015 – details will be updated on the website closer to the time.

For future important dates, please refer to the The Submission Process

2014 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

The Trustees of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts are delighted to provide you with our 2014 Annual Review, which summarises our philanthropic activities for the year. The Trustees are committed to national philanthropy through our focus on building relationships and strengthening communities. The combination of active engagement and community empowerment is the distinguishing feature of our philanthropy and is fundamental to our funding making a long-term difference.