1 Initial contact

  • Contact the Trust office via Contact Us within the enquiry period (see 2. below for enquiry periods) to confirm your organisations eligibility to receive a blank enquiry form

  • All applicants must email the office to receive a new enquiry form each time they wish to submit a request (only one enquiry form per organisation), even if the applicant has an enquiry form from previous correspondence

  • Ensure you are ready to send your enquiry before requesting a form
  • If you wish to first discuss your enquiry, please contact the office to arrange a suitable time. Enquiry discussions can only take place over the phone

2 Enquiry

  • Submit one enquiry form during an enquiry period by the due date on your form
  • Approved enquiries provided with Submission Guidelines are invited to provide a full submission
  • The Trustees are only able to consider one enquiry per funding round from an organisation
  • Emails and phone calls relating to enquiries in the lead up to our November 2017 funding meeting will be accepted until 12 noon Tuesday 1st August 2017. After that time, enquiries will be closed until late January 2018. Details of the opening date for enquiries next year will be updated closer to the time. All applicants who have already received an enquiry form for completion, please refer to the due return date of your personalised form
  • The Trustees reserve the right to change the dates of the period in which enquiries are accepted

3 Submission

  • Submission meetings are held in May and November each year
  • Only applicants whose enquiry is approved may send a funding submission
  • Submission Guidelines provide details of the information required and cut-off dates
  • Meetings with applicants are usually arranged when a written submission has been received

4 Grant Decision

  • All applicants will be advised via email as to whether their submission has been approved​
  • Approved applicants will be asked to complete a Grant Deed and advise when payment is required
  • When the project is ready to proceed, the grant will be paid by electronic funds transfer
  • Grant recipient required to send back official receipt

5 Project Underway

  • Six monthly reporting required as per Reporting Requirements which are provided at the time of grant payment

6 Project Complete

  • Final Project report required when all funds have been expended, including a full income and expenditure statement
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