Welcome to the John T Reid Charitable Trusts

The John T Reid Charitable Trusts are a national funding organisation with a wide ranging commitment to philanthropy around Australia. The Trustees are proud of a track record of generous giving for sixty years, being responsive to community need and supportive to key issues.

We believe that good philanthropy results from developing relationships with people. Trustees play an important role in meeting with applicants to determine the full extent of the project for funding. This hands-on approach enables practical, creative and responsive giving.

Strategic Funding

The Trustees of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts consider each funding enquiry on its own merit, and are fortunate that the Trust Deeds were written in a manner to allow a broad range of areas in which to fund.  The Trustees provide strategic grants to organisations they believe are leaders in a particular sector.  Often these grants will result from a long association between the Trusts and the organisation.  In addition to this, Trustees also feel it is important to remain in touch with the current needs in the community.  To enable this, Trustees consider enquiries for a short period in the lead up to their two funding meetings each year.  For unsolicited requests, our application process is in two stages.  Details can be found in The Submission Process.

If you would like any further information on the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, please email our office via the Contact Us page.

Important Dates

Emails and phone calls relating to enquiries in the lead up to our November 2017 funding meeting will be accepted until 12 noon Tuesday 1st August 2017. After that time, enquiries will be closed until late January 2018. Details of the opening date for enquiries next year will be updated closer to the time. All applicants who have already received an enquiry form for completion, please refer to the due return date of your personalised form.

For future important dates, please refer to the The Submission Process

2016 Annual Review

The Trustees of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts are delighted to provide you with our 2016 Annual Review, which summarises our philanthropic activities for the year. The Trustees are committed to national philanthropy through our focus on building relationships and strengthening communities, balancing funding between rural, regional and urban projects. Our report highlights several significant projects funded in our six different categories of Aged and Palliative Care, Arts and Cultural Heritage, Community and Social Welfare, Education and Youth, Environment, and Health Support.

Thank you to Konker Creative for the design and support creating our 2016 Annual Review.


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