• Who is eligible to apply for funding from the John T Reid Charitable Trusts?
    • Only organisations that have been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient from the Australian Tax Office are eligible to apply for funding from the John T Reid Charitable Trusts. The Trusts does not accept enquiries from the development office of Universities or from individual researchers.

  • How do I submit a proposal to the John T Reid Charitable Trusts?
    • First you must contact the Trust office and complete an initial Enquiry Form. The Enquiry Form is then considered by the Trustees and a decision is made about whether the project can go forward to a full submission. If it is accepted, then you will be sent Submission Guidelines to help you prepare your submission documentation.

      For further information see the Submission Process.

  • Can I choose to send in a full submission, rather than an enquiry form, at the initial contact stage?
    • No, all proposals must start with an Enquiry Form. The enquiry forms allow the Trustees to manage the number and type of submissions that they receive for consideration at each Trustee meeting. In general, Trustees wish to ensure that there is an equitable spread of requests over all funding categories. So please do not send in an unsolicited submission as it will be returned to you.

  • How do the Trustees decide if they will accept a submission or not?
    • From the enquiry form, the Trustees are able to ascertain the sector in which the organisation operates, the type of project that is being proposed and the level of funding needed. If the John T Reid Charitable Trusts are currently funding a similar project, or are already committed to funding other sizeable initiatives in the sector, then it is unlikely that the new enquiry will proceed to submission stage at this time. The enquiry form process ensures that an organisation does not expend considerable time and effort on a submission that has little chance of success.

  • What information do I need to include in my Submission?
    • If, after considering your Enquiry Form, the Trustees agree to accept a full submission from your organisation, the Trust Office will contact you and provide detailed Submission Guidelines to help you with the preparation of the documentation.

  • What is the average amount of grants provided by the John T Reid Charitable Trusts?
    • It is difficult to give an average amount, as the Trustees always consider the amount requested in proportion to the total funding requirements of the organisation and funding provided by government, community and philanthropy. We carefully assess the capacity of organisations to manage the grant.

  • What is expected of our organisation if we receive a Grant from the John T Reid Charitable Trusts?
    • All Grant recipients are expected to sign a Grant Deed. This Deed outlines the expectations of recipients, which includes:

      Funds must be used for the purpose as outlined in the submission

      Trustees require six monthly written reports, and a final written report at the completion of the project

      If an Organisation wishes to acknowledge a donation from the Trusts publicly, details must be provided to the Executive Officer for approval

  • If I have received funding from the John T Reid Charitable Trusts in the past, can I reapply for another project?
    • The Trustees ask that organisations wait for at least 2 years before re‐applying to the John T Reid Charitable Trusts.

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