The John T Reid Charitable Trusts distributes funding within six main categories.  Many projects will fall within more than one category of support; we encourage each applicant to present their proposal in their own words as it best promotes their needs rather than try to fit within a rigid category.

Within these categories, the Trustees will consider supporting creative and innovative programs and projects, and capital works to further the aims of the organisation. Support may be given to an organisation in establishing projects in their early stages, expecting that they will seek and attract wider community and government partnerships for future support.

The Trusts provide funding to not-for-profit organisations who are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient from the Australian Tax Office, however enquiries will not be accepted from the development office of Universities or from individual researchers.

We consider carefully the most effective way to provide funding within each sector, and strongly encourage collaboration and communication between organisations. In approving grants, we like to balance the funding between rural, regional and urban projects.

We encourage you to read our recent Publications to read about some of our recently funded projects.

  • Aged & Palliative Care
    • The John T Reid Charitable Trusts respects and recognises the integral role older people play in the community. Older people continue to make significant contributions to many aspects of our community prosperity, cultural richness and well-being. They provide a wealth of valuable experience, through participation in social and cultural life and as custodians of our history. Older people want to enjoy good health and remain active and independent for as long as possible. Supporting the needs of older people and carers in Australia often focuses on improving the quality of life for people living in aged-care facilities, and providing support to enhance the independence of the elderly.  This may be through capital funding towards the fit-out of buildings, or supporting the establishment of programs that provide mental and physical stimulation.  Programs focusing on the expansion of the older generation’s social networks and research into age-related disease are areas that the Trust has recently funded.

  • Arts & Cultural Heritage
    • The Trustees believe that the Arts should be available to all Australians. A community with a thriving arts and cultural life instills community pride and supports social cohesion. The benefits of artistic and cultural engagement are far-reaching and long-lived, and brings new life to depressed regions and towns.  Grants provided by the John T Reid Charitable Trusts are often enabling access to those who would otherwise be unable to attend arts related activities.  This may be because of financial constraints or geographic isolation.  Other areas of focus within this sector involves encouraging appreciation of the arts and community education.  The preservation and understanding of Australia’s cultural heritage is also the focus of many projects funded.

  • Community & Social Welfare
    • This is a very broad sector of funding, and covers many areas of community need.  Support is given to new ideas to address poverty, disadvantage, homelessness, mental health and inequality.  There is a strong focus on strengthening the community’s ability to deal with those in need, aiming to improve the general welfare of individuals, groups and communities.  The Trustees are guided by current community concerns, and this is monitored by considering the enquiry forms we receive, in addition to maintaining a strong relationship with leaders within the not-for-profit sector.   Within this sector, the Trustees also ensure they provide support to national emergencies, such as drought and bushfires. At times, this will be on-the-ground support in the early stages after an emergency, or may be medium term strategies to enable the community to rebuild and recover.

  • Education & Youth Support
    • Education is acknowledged as one of the most important investments for the future of Australia, and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. Grants provide support to young people who are at-risk of disengaging or have already disengaged from education due to difficult circumstances. This is often done through programs encouraging school retention and the support of disadvantaged youths through community projects.  The Trustees place importance on the equitable distribution of educational resources within disadvantaged communities.  Other areas of focus include mental health and suicide prevention within the youth sector, preparing young people for the transition to employment, and support for young people who have been subject to trauma or abuse.

  • Environment
    • The Trustees believe that supporting environmental projects is vital to ensure a sustainable future for Australia. Our economy and lifestyle are dependent on healthy water, soil, climate, oceans and biodiversity. Australia’s ecosystem is unique and the vast majority of our native plants and animals are found nowhere else on the planet. We understand that species and ecosystems are declining due to human intervention. Philanthropic support within the environmental sector often involves enabling key environmental and community groups to educate the public on the most pressing issues facing our native fauna, flora, waterways and ecosystems. This may involve funding to enable collaboration between organisations, the training of volunteers, or communication with landholders to explain how their land management has an effect on the environment on a larger scale. 

  • Health Support
    • Better health is central to human happiness and well-being, and makes an important contribution to economic progress.  Many factors influence Australia's ability to provide quality health services, and the John T Reid Charitable Trusts considers enquiries for community projects related to mental or physical health, or supporting community education on health related matters. The Trustees appreciate the importance of medical research in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.  Trustees remain informed of the work being done within Australia, and  when a specific need is identified by the Trustees, the Trustees approach an Institute and scientists that have expertise in that area. Reference is made to consultants in specific areas where appropriate. Funding will often focus on translational research, which takes the medical discoveries that have been made in a laboratory setting and move them into medical practices that can be used by physicians to improve the lives of their patients.  This strategy means that the John T Reid Charitable Trusts does not accept unsolicited requests for funding in the area of medical research.  

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