Health Support

Better health is central to human happiness and well-being, and makes an important contribution to economic progress.  Many factors influence Australia's ability to provide quality health services, and the John T Reid Charitable Trusts considers enquiries for community projects related to mental or physical health, or supporting community education on health related matters. The Trustees appreciate the importance of medical research in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.  Trustees remain informed of the work being done within Australia, and  when a specific need is identified by the Trustees, the Trustees approach an Institute and scientists that have expertise in that area. Reference is made to consultants in specific areas where appropriate. Funding will often focus on translational research, which takes the medical discoveries that have been made in a laboratory setting and move them into medical practices that can be used by physicians to improve the lives of their patients.

This strategy means that the John T Reid Charitable Trusts does not accept unsolicited requests for funding in the area of medical research.  

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